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the Gryphel Project

The goal of the Gryphel Project is to help preserve software made for early Macintosh computers, the computers that Apple sold from 1984 to 1996 based upon Motorola’s 680x0 microprocessors.

Mini vMac

The center of this project - a family of free and open source emulators that allow such software to be used on modern computers


The rest of this project - software for the early Macintosh, links to alternatives to Mini vMac, links to related forums, lists of books, and more.

Latest News : January 14, 2018

SigWrite is a new tool for writing digital signatures that can be verified with SigCheck (which has been updated). MakeKeys is a new tool for making secret and public keys to be used with SigWrite and SigCheck. These tools are regular Macintosh applications, unlike last week’s MPW tools to do the same thing. These tools are still under development and may have different behavior when finished.

One missing piece is a tool to generate truly random hex data to be used as input to MakeKeys. I'll adapt more code from MacPGP, which looks at the timing of key presses, to make such a tool soon.


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