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More Mini vMac


Here are some additional Mini vMac screenshots. The latest screenshots are back on the main Mini vMac screenshots page.

Host OS: Macintosh OS X, 10.3.4

Emulated: System Software 7.5.5 is the last version that will run on the Macintosh Plus.

48K Picture

Host OS: Microsoft Windows XP

Emulated: Continuum by Randall H. Wilson and Brian Wilson is listed on the arcade games page.

48K Picture

Host OS: Red Hat Linux 9

Emulated: MacAstro by Nicolas Mercouroff is listed on the Astronomy page. This screenshot was edited, since that was easier than figuring out how to set the screen resolution to 640 by 480.

40K Picture

Host OS: Macintosh OS 9.2.2

Emulated: "The Fool's Errand" by Cliff Johnson is listed on the other games page.

32K Picture

Host OS: Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition

Emulated: Space Station Pheta 2.7 by T&T Software, listed on the other games page

64K Picture

Host OS: Macintosh System 7.5.5

Emulated: Macintosh System Software 1.1 (System 3.2 / Finder 5.3).

32K Picture

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