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Mini vMac 3.4

Variations Service


How to use this page.

Press the button above after choosing your options from below.

Your computer runs :

The above choice is the only one required. Change at least one of the options below to customize your variation.

Language for the user interface :

The computer to emulate :

Screen Size :

Screen Depth :

Full Screen Mode :

Magnify Mode :

Start On

Magnification Factor :

Sound :

Sound Sample Size :

Number of disk images :

Support for Disk Copy 4.2 disk image format :

Command Control Swap :


Alternate Keyboard Mode :


International Keyboard fix :

Initial Speed :

Run in Background :

Start On

AutoSlow :

Start Off

Timing Accuracy :

Emulated CPU :

force 68020

Memory :

Caret Blink Time :

Double Click Time :

Menu Blinks :

Keyboard Repeat Threshold :

Keyboard Repeat Rate :

Sound Volume :

Extensions :


Mouse Emulation Accuracy :


LocalTalk :


Icon Master :


(A duplicate of the button at the top of the page, for your convenience.)

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