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Programming Tools

for Macintosh Plus and Mini vMac

ResEdit (link)

Edits the resource fork of files.

ResCompare (hosted)

A "programmer’s utility that compares resource files."

HexEdit (hosted)

A "hexdump viewer and editor".

ObiWan (hosted)

Floating window with information, such as Macintosh API.

Zoom Lens (hosted)

A "small application that magnifies the portion of the screen under the mouse cursor."

Swatch (hosted)

Visualizes application heaps.

ZoneRanger (hosted)

Detailed examination of application heaps.

StringChecker (hosted)

Check spelling in program resources.

Rsrc<->Data (hosted)

Copy resource to new file's data fork, or reverse.

ClearRes (hosted)

“Zeroes the resource fork of ANY file”.

GetPath (hosted)

Saves to clipboard path of selected file.

Path to Clip (hosted)

Drag and drop to get file path, in multiple formats.

Easy Errors (hosted)

Find name and description of a Macintosh error code.

Gestalt (hosted)

Shows information provided by the Gestalt Manager.

Drivers (hosted)

"Utility that lists installed drivers."

GetKeys (hosted)

Shows result from the GetKeys function.

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