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Below are listed some forums that are related to the Gryphel project (including Mini vMac), dealing with early Macintosh software and with either emulation of early Macintosh computers or the real hardware.

For questions specifically about Mini vMac, you can ask me directly. For other related subjects, one of these forums would be a good place to ask. Having a larger audience is likely to get better results.

If you know of any other related active forums not listed here, let me know.

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see “Mini vMac and Other Mac Emulators” topic

68k Macintosh Liberation Army

the “Software” forum includes emulation.

Vintage Apple Computers (reddit)

“A place to discuss and share anything related to vintage Apple computers and products.”

Classic Mac Gaming (reddit)

“dedicated to all pre-OS X Macintosh gaming, from System 1 to Mac OS 9.”


“specialises in the maintenance, repair, restoration and modification of Vintage Apple and Macintosh computers.”

Mac68k Forums

“General discussion on mac68k software and hardware”, and also forums for hacking.

Apple Collectors - MacRumors Forums

“older and collectable Apple products: 680x0 Macs, Apple II, Newton, System 7, etc.”

Apple Support Communities

Older Hardware

Vintage Computer Forum

see “Later Apple” forum (focused on real hardware)


“680x0 Macs and Lisa”


“Where great old Macs live again!”

System 7 Today Forums

but focus may be more about System 7.6 on PowerPC

System 6 Group (Google)

“Low End Mac's group for those using Macintosh System 6”

Retrocomputing Stack Exchange

For “vintage-computer hobbyists”


see “Old Macintosh computers” forum, and also “Emulators”

Vintage Macs (Google)

“covering the entire spectrum of 680x0 Macs”

Classic Macintosh Software Development (Google)

“Technical discussion list for Classic Mac developers (Mac OS 9 and earlier).”

MPW-Dev (Apple Mailing Lists)

“for developers who use MPW”


Low End Mac forum

VOGONS Macintosh Emulation

“Emulation of old Macintoshes, Mac hardware, or Mac peripherals.”


“Apple and Mac 68k Forum”

MacNN Forums

“Classic Macs and Mac OS” section

Dark Castle Forum

Discussion of the popular game, including a section on emulation.

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