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setftype-0.1.0.sit.zip (info) Stuffit archive. Includes source code.

latest update : obsolete !! - It is now recommended to use ImportFl and ExportFl for transfering files to and from the real computer, instead of trying to do so by mounting a disk image on the real computer.

update - SetFType may not be effective on modern versions of OS X, particularly on an Intel Macintosh. It also may not be needed. Instead, rename a disk image so that the name ends with '.dmg' to be able to mount it on the real computer. Make the name end with '.dsk' to make the disk image belong to Mini vMac. (But as of version 3.0.4, only a copy of Mini vMac compiled with the '-im 1' option.)

SetFType has two variations. Both are utilities for Mac OS X and OS 9 that set the file type and creator of disk image files.

"SetFType.dimg" makes the file belong to Disk Copy, which makes it possible to mount the disk image on the real machine (such as by double clicking on it). Mounting a disk image on the real machine allows you to transfer files to and from the emulated machine, as described in more detail on the Disk Image page.

"SetFType.MvIm" makes the file belong to Mini vMac, so that double clicking on the file will mount the disk image within the emulator. This can be convenient, but it is not required, since Mini vMac can open a disk image file of any type, using the open command, or drag and drop onto the application window or icon.

To use SetFType, drag the icon of a disk image file onto one of the two applications ("SetFType.MvIm" or "SetFType.dimg"). The program will set the file type and creator of the disk image, put up a dialog to tell you it worked, and then quit. The program does a simple check to see if the file is really a disk image (of the kinds that Mini vMac can mount), and displays an error message if it isn't. You can drag more than one file onto the application icon. The program will process all of them.

If you are using Mac OS 9 and SetFType will not accept a drag and drop (doesn't highlight), try rebuilding the desktop. That is, restart the computer and hold down the option and command (apple) keys.

Note: you should avoid mounting a bootable disk on your real machine, since this may make it unbootable, for some combinations of operating systems on the real machine and the disk image.

You can redistribute SetFType and/or modify it under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. See the included file COPYING.

SetFType is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the license for more details.


June 15, 2005 Changed archive to format that should work with any version of Stuffit. Thanks to Donald Swope for pointing out the problem.


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