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SigWrtTl Binaries

Download the version of SigWrtTl appropriate for your computer


Macintosh OS X

sigwrttl-1.02-mcar.bin.tgz (info)
for Apple Silicon : some Macs starting in 2020

sigwrttl-1.02-mc64.bin.tgz (info)
for x86-64 : any Mac made after 2012
(and some earlier ones)

sigwrttl-1.02-imch.bin.tgz (info)
for x86-32 : any Mac made after 2006
up to, but not including, macOS 10.15 Catalina

sigwrttl-1.02-mach.bin.tgz (info)
for PowerPC : made from 1994 to 2006

Microsoft Windows

sigwrttl-1.02-wx64.bin.zip (info)
for x86-64 : any recent PC

sigwrttl-1.02-wx86.bin.zip (info)
for x86-32 : any PC


sigwrttl-1.02-lx64.bin.tgz (info)
for x86-64

sigwrttl-1.02-lx86.bin.tgz (info)
for x86-32

sigwrttl-1.02-lppc.bin.tgz (info)
for PowerPC

sigwrttl-1.02-larm.bin.tgz (info)
for ARM

sigwrttl-1.02-lspr.bin.tgz (info)

MPW for Macintosh OS 9 and earlier

sigwrttl-1.02-m68k.bin.zip (info)
for 680x0


sigwrttl-1.02-fb64.bin.tgz (info)
for x86-64

sigwrttl-1.02-fbsd.bin.tgz (info)
for x86-32


sigwrttl-1.02-nb64.bin.tgz (info)
for x86-64

sigwrttl-1.02-nbsd.bin.tgz (info)
for x86-32


sigwrttl-1.02-oi64.bin.tgz (info)
for x86-64

sigwrttl-1.02-oind.bin.tgz (info)
for x86-32


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