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Mini vMac

Variations Service (Intro) Directions

Mini vMac has no preference settings, which helps to keep it small, simple, and reliable. Instead, options can be chosen at compile time. You can compile a variation of Mini vMac with options you desire following the instructions on the Build page.

Or, the Variations Service can compile variations for you in seconds.

With a “Subscriber Code”, you can easily create custom variations, as many as you could reasonably want for a period of a year. You can make as many copies of these variations as you want, and give them to anyone, under the GNU General Public License (GPL). A Subscriber Code can be purchased for ten dollars, which helps to support the operation of the Gryphel Project.

Without a Subscriber Code, you can request Demo versions, that are identical to the regular version, except that the word “Demo” floats around the emulated screen.

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Select the options you desire from the Mini vMac Variations Service (Intro) page, including your Subscriber Code if you have one, then press the “Make custom variation” button at top.

In around 5 seconds, a page will appear with a download link. Click on the link to download your compiled variation. (And you should also save the “info” file, which allows you to verify the integrity of the download.)

Meanwhile, the Variation Server has been double checking, by compiling the variation a second time. If you reload the page with your web browser (another 5 seconds or so after the page first appears), a line at the bottom that said “Preliminary Result” should change to “Final Result (both compiles match)”. Otherwise, an error will be displayed.

After you download the variation, extract the application from the archive, and place the appropriate ROM image file into the same folder, just as is done for the standard compile of Mini vMac. Mini vMac does not create preference files or change registry settings or make any other changes to your computer. So there is no problem in having multiple variations of Mini vMac installed.

Additional details

The only required option is the target platform (“Your computer runs”). If you also give a Subscriber Code, but change nothing else on the page, the resulting application will be identical to one of the Standard Variations.

By default, the Variations Service compiles the current stable branch of Mini vMac. If you want to compile an alpha, beta, or old variation, select that from the Branch pop up menu.

The Intro Variations Service offers only a few options. Many more options are available, see the Variations Service Index.

To prevent taking too much space on my hosting provider’s computers, older custom variations will eventually be removed. So please download your variation promptly.

The Variations Service is reproducible. That is, if you ask for the same options twice, you will get the exact same application archive. (The file name will be different, but the contents are the same.) The Subscriber Code used does not effect the resulting variation, so two subscribers requesting the same variation will get the same result. (With no Subscriber Code, a demo is created, which is different from the regular variation.)

Some fine print

The Variations Service only promises to build variations accurately from the public Mini vMac source. No guarantee is made that the built variations are suitable for any purpose. (Please report any bugs.) It is possible that some variations can not be built at all due to bugs in the Mini vMac source. Otherwise, requested variations will be built eventually, but there is no guarantee of how long it will take, due to hardware failures and such issues.


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