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Mini vMac

Variations Service (Advanced)

One set of options from the Variations Service Index


Press the button above after choosing your options from below.

First, use the ‘P’ command of the Mini vMac Control Mode (type Control-P, usually) in an existing variation of Mini vMac 36 or later to copy its options, and paste them here:

The above choice is the only one required. Change at least one of the options below to customize your variation.

Subscriber Code (without this a demo is created) :

Branch :

Your computer runs :

Language for the user interface :

The computer to emulate :

Screen Size :

or, type in any size (e.g. “800 x 400”):

Screen Color Depth (Macintosh II only) :

Full Screen Mode :

Magnify Mode :

Magnification Factor :

Sound :

Sound Sample Size :

Number of disk images :

{Beta} Non Disk Image Protection :

Support for Disk Copy 4.2 disk image format :

Save Dialog :

Insert Ith Disk Image :

Command Control Swap :


Alternate Keyboard Mode :


International Keyboard fix :

Initial Speed :

Run in Background :

AutoSlow :

Timing Accuracy :

Emulated CPU :

Memory :

Caret Blink Time :

Double Click Time :

Menu Blinks :

Keyboard Repeat Threshold :

Keyboard Repeat Rate :

Sound Volume :

Extensions :


Mouse Emulation Accuracy :

Grab Keys in Full Screen :

Control Interrupt :

Control Reset :

Emulated Control Key :

32 bit drawing :

Graphics Switching :

Code Signing :

Sandboxing :

Alternate Happy Mac Icon :

ROM Size :

Check ROM Checksum :

Disable Rom Check :

Disable Ram Test :

LocalTalk :


{Beta} LocalTalk Over :

Icon Master :


(A duplicate of the button at the top of the page, for your convenience.)

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