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These pages host software that will run on a Macintosh Plus, repackaged into the zipped disk image format that is convenient for use with Mini vMac. (The original format is also provided.) They include freeware, shareware, and open source programs that are definitely legal to redistribute here, as far as I can tell. (As compared to software that probably no one minds any more who distributes it. There are some other good websites that cover abandonware.)

These pages also contain a few links to software elsewhere on the web, being distributed by the copyright holder, which cannot be redistributed here. Such as commercial software. These are marked in the index with the word “(link)”.

I've not tested these programs too thoroughly, but the nice thing about an emulator such as Mini vMac is that you can try out programs without risk. Software running within the emulated machine can only affect mounted disk images. So when trying out software, you can work with copies of your disk images, and then throw out these copies when you are done. No harm is possible (unless there is a serious bug in Mini vMac).

Feel free to redistribute these repackaged versions hosted here, according to the terms of the original license.

For more software in disk image format, ready for use in Mini vMac, E-Maculation has a large collection of shareware and freeware Macintosh games.


If you find these downloads useful, please consider helping the Gryphel Project, which hosts them.

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