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Galactic Frontiers

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Galactic_Frontiers_102.zip (348K) Galactic Frontiers 1.0.2 repackaged into a zipped hfs disk image and checksum file. The disk image can be mounted with Mini vMac.
Galactic_Frontiers_102.sit (336K) Galactic Frontiers 1.0.2 in the original format.

copyright: Human Media Ltd.
mod date: Nov 23, 1995
license: Freeware, former shareware
official url : Lowke Media, Archive

A “turn-based strategy game set in space”, “for one to four players, where each player is a contender vying for supreme power over the galaxy.”


In brief testing, it seemed to frequently crash in System 7, but then worked without problem in System 6 (in Macintosh Plus emulation). A suggestion for beginners: besides setting Game Type to beginner in the “Game Setup” dialog, click the options button, and in the Species screen, greatly increase the Humanoid settings, perhaps even to 200%, to make learning the game more fun. I’m not convinced it is even possible to win in the default settings, but then, I’m just a beginner.

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