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gifconverter-237.zip (365K) GIF Converter 2.3.7 repackaged into a zipped hfs disk image and checksum file. The disk image can be mounted with Mini vMac.
gifconverter-237.hqx (500K) GIF Converter 2.3.7 in the original format.
gifcdoc.pdf.zip (356K) GIF Converter 2.4.4 manual repackaged into a zipped pdf and checksum.
gifcdocpdf.sit.hqx (487K) GIF Converter 2.4.4 manual in the original format.

copyright: Kevin A. Mitchell
mod date: Jan 29, 1994
license: shareware
last known url (older version gone)

Displays and converts between "several graphic file formats, including GIF, TIFF, RIFF, PICT, JPEG(JFIF), MacPaint, and Thunderscan."


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7d8d3b8ab8a68a020ce464517e1e6bd8 gifconverter-237.hqx
f1ec449aa4d04f33e4aadfc047fd16f6 gifcdoc.pdf.zip
fece86e079c605259535f893aa52c398 gifcdocpdf.sit.hqx

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