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inform621_mac325.zip (315K) Inform 68K 6.21/3.25 and Library 6/10 repackaged into a zipped hfs disk image and checksum file. The disk image can be mounted with Mini vMac.
inform621_mac325.cpt.hqx (254K) Inform 68K 6.21/3.25 in the original format.
inform_library610.zip (86K) Inform Library 6/10 in the original format.

copyright: Graham Nelson & Robert A. Pelak
mod date: May 24, 1999
license: free for non-commercial use
official url : Inform

Compiles “Inform language into Infocom format story files” (Z-code). “Inform is a programming language and design system for interactive fiction originally created in 1993 by Graham Nelson.” The resulting Z-Code can be played with MaxZip.


More Downloads

DM4html.tar.gz (971K) The Inform Designer's Manual, Fourth Edition: July 2001, in HTML format
ZSpec10.zip (156K) The Z-Machine Standards Document, Version 1.0, 22nd June 1997, in HTML format
inform621_source.zip (205K) Inform 6.21 source code, the platform independent part.

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71bcf48dd10a91327f1fbb571110a7f6 inform621_mac325.zip
46cfafb518acf1f9c35d5287b31a68d7 inform621_mac325.cpt.hqx
e8fbb2cb74d3d5893b7f3602877575fd inform_library610.zip
305f78ae16720a83d00497ffdfcf0fd8 DM4html.tar.gz
78e9b5544d500eaf24beeeb2ba7ca9c5 ZSpec10.zip
b78667f69bf6b73c8065998d2ef74147 inform621_source.zip

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