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PDP-8/E Simulator

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pdp8e_simulator_1.5.1.zip (823K) PDP-8/E Simulator 1.5.1 repackaged into a zipped hfs disk image and checksum file. The disk image can be mounted with Mini vMac.
pdp8e_simulator_1.5.sea.hqx (1.6M) PDP-8/E Simulator 1.5 in the original format.
pdp8e_simulator_1.5.1.sea.hqx (1M) PDP-8/E Simulator 1.5.1 update in the original format.
os8_system_disk.sea.hqx (383K) updated OS/8 System Disk in the original format.

copyright: Bernhard Baehr
mod date: Apr 30, 2006
license: GPL
official url : MPDP-8/E Simulator

An “emulator for the Digital Equipment PDP-8/E minicomputer”. For “System 2 to Mac OS X”. Linked page has a screen shot of it running within Mini vMac, and native in OS X at the same time. Source code is available (below).


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Download Source

pdp8e_sim_1.5.1_sources.zip (1M) PDP-8/E Simulator 1.5.1 source repackaged into a zipped hfs disk image and checksum file. The disk image can be mounted with Mini vMac.
pdp8e_sim_1.5_sources.sea.hqx (344K) PDP-8/E Simulator 1.5 source in the original format. (Combine with 1.5.1 update above.)

Here are the md5 checksums for the downloads, signed with Gryphel Key 5:

--------- GRY SIGNED TEXT ---------

367a4d3ea6924c60d8aba66b09d8de2d pdp8e_simulator_1.5.1.zip
7ecf348c9b4a4ff06bf2a1d316535fae pdp8e_simulator_1.5.sea.hqx
95ca50f84d6ab99c9189aebabaaba504 pdp8e_simulator_1.5.1.sea.hqx
2442f442baeda527c89592582a8d95c6 os8_system_disk.sea.hqx
c457ab1d0b1928d66bd8d7799e3e85ff pdp8e_sim_1.5.1_sources.zip
0b334584915969f3a68ba0815011aa0f pdp8e_sim_1.5_sources.sea.hqx

------- BEGIN GRY SIGNATURE -------
-------- END GRY SIGNATURE --------

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