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System Software 6

listed on the Gryphel Project

Download System Software 6.0.8

SSW_6.0.8-1.4MB_Disk1of2.sea.bin (703K) 1.4MB Disk 1 of 2
SSW_6.0.8-1.4MB_Disk2of2.sea.bin (765K) 1.4MB Disk 2 of 2

copyright: Apple Computer, Inc.
mod date: May 10, 1991
license: free, but don't redistribute

System 6.08 is also available as four 800k disk images. (The Macintosh Plus can't use 1.4MB floppies, but the Mini vMac emulation of the Macintosh Plus can use any sized disk image.)

SSW_6.0.8-800k_Disk1of4.sea.bin (471K) 800k Disk 1 of 4
SSW_6.0.8-800k_Disk2of4.sea.bin (492K) 800k Disk 2 of 4
SSW_6.0.8-800k_Disk3of4.sea.bin (418K) 800k Disk 3 of 4
SSW_6.0.8-800k_Disk4of4.sea.bin (467K) 800k Disk 4 of 4

Some earlier System 6 versions are also available:

SSW_6.0.5_Disk1of4.sea.bin (465K) Disk 1 of 4
SSW_6.0.5_Disk2of4.sea.bin (478K) Disk 2 of 4
SSW_6.0.5_Disk3of4.sea.bin (414K) Disk 3 of 4
SSW_6.0.5_Disk4of4.sea.bin (438K) Disk 4 of 4

SSW_6.0.3_Disk1of4.sea.bin (465K) Disk 1 of 4
SSW_6.0.3_Disk2of4.sea.bin (469K) Disk 2 of 4
SSW_6.0.3_Disk3of4.sea.bin (424K) Disk 3 of 4
SSW_6.0.3_Disk4of4.sea.bin (224K) Disk 4 of 4

Here are the md5 checksums for the downloads, signed with Gryphel Key 5:

--------- GRY SIGNED TEXT ---------

f696b2261b222e927b17ed7afb5d7b53 SSW_6.0.8-1.4MB_Disk1of2.sea.bin
75dd09f521ecfe2f037affbdcf138c85 SSW_6.0.8-1.4MB_Disk2of2.sea.bin
0b62b89508ef991e387c4f07bc98593d SSW_6.0.8-800k_Disk1of4.sea.bin
0c04c9e9cd98467d3ea6aeed8875e4b9 SSW_6.0.8-800k_Disk2of4.sea.bin
8e9df765dcc12e88a14fc13acee7798c SSW_6.0.8-800k_Disk3of4.sea.bin
512a22a0e49dc61aadf04289fcbe27c7 SSW_6.0.8-800k_Disk4of4.sea.bin
1c8976a95720da575538cd368c652bd0 SSW_6.0.5_Disk1of4.sea.bin
eec24f8c633a0d55ed69a88a6d1a8ea0 SSW_6.0.5_Disk2of4.sea.bin
e65adc715d4bf94a63de8156102a86a8 SSW_6.0.5_Disk3of4.sea.bin
c7e2a4059e6d62576a70b84dc8e86e48 SSW_6.0.5_Disk4of4.sea.bin
a9f98de926753312548eb39e09e09ec1 SSW_6.0.3_Disk1of4.sea.bin
6269713151ad7b7e336fa4f6827efc9f SSW_6.0.3_Disk2of4.sea.bin
5799d3b89637ccfe1a2fa1c5f8a82a34 SSW_6.0.3_Disk3of4.sea.bin
653222e37baada9b234a50ea7db47c85 SSW_6.0.3_Disk4of4.sea.bin

------- BEGIN GRY SIGNATURE -------
-------- END GRY SIGNATURE --------

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