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Finder Info

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finderinfo1.11.zip (16K) Finder Info 1.1.1 repackaged into a zipped hfs disk image and checksum file. The disk image can be mounted with Mini vMac.
finderinfo1.11.sit.hqx (12K) Finder Info 1.1.1 in the original format.

copyright: Adam R. Talcott
mod date: Oct 6, 1992
license: free for non-commercial use

For "modifying a document's Finder information (type, creator and Finder flags)." Should "be compatible with all members of the Macintosh family and System 4.1 and higher."

Of the 17 different programs I tested for setting file type and creator, this is the only one that worked perfectly in System 6. One drawback is that it can only operate on a single file, to do another file you need to launch it again. Also, having both a "Done" button and a "Close" button isn't immediately clear - Choosing "Done" is shortcut for choosing "Close" and then choosing to save changes.


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310ac2ea947eb0620a013c9be1e2658c finderinfo1.11.sit.hqx

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