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TakeABreak2.0.zip (106K) TakeABreak 2.0 repackaged into a zipped hfs disk image and checksum file. The disk image can be mounted with Mini vMac.
TakeABreak2.0.sea.hqx (172K) TakeABreak 2.0 in the original format.

copyright: John V. Holder
mod date: Dec 31, 1996
license: shareware
last known url (gone)

“Reminds you to take a break from the computer once in a while”. Can show a window, play a sound, or play a QuickTime movie. (Except that, while there might perhaps once have been a version of QuickTime that worked on the Mac Plus, I don't see any sign of it now.) For System “6.0.5” or later. Actually, it may require System 7, for Macintosh Plus emulation at least.


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7c075c4badba23cc1cb3afc74e14ffc6 TakeABreak2.0.zip
312083128ccde1493b91b644cb56bc98 TakeABreak2.0.sea.hqx

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