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(Previous items from this list are on the Wishes Granted page. Thank you, sponsors!)

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With PayPal

Your donation will be used for items in the following Gryphel Project Wish List. Or you can donate to a specific item with the buttons below:

Monthly Hosting

The Gryphel Project is hosted at Rackspace. Charges vary depending on bandwidth used, but currently is under $20 per month. (See the Wishes Granted page for the cost of previous months, and the amount raised so far for the current month.)

Health Insurance

Currently $12.54 per day.


... About ...

One of the ways to help the Gryphel Project is to sponsor one of the items listed above. Click on the "Donate" button for an item to donate with PayPal, and your donation will be used to purchase that item.

I'll add your name to the list of sponsors for that item. If you wish to be anonymous, or use a name different than what is on your PayPal account, say so in the "optional comments" field. In this field you may also specify a URL (web page address) that you would like your name to link to. If you can't find this field or have any other problems, just send me a note afterwards.

The top donate button above and the donate button on the main Help the Gryphel Project page are equivalent to letting me choose one of the other donate buttons on this page. That is, such donations will be used for one or more items on the Wish List. And the "optional comments" field can be used in the same way as described above.

With a donation of ten dollars or more, as a token of gratitude you will receive a “Subscriber Code” to the Mini vMac Variations Service that can be used to request custom variations.

www.gryphel.com/c/wishlist - feedback
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