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36.04 (Stable) Macintosh II Variations

These variations emulate a Macintosh II with a 640x480 display with 256 colors (using the “-m II” build option). The main Download page has many more options.

Warning : Macintosh II emulation in Mini vMac is incomplete, and should not be relied on to give accurate results, particularly numeric results. (Emulation of the Floating Point Unit is the main incomplete part.) It does seem suitable for games, many of which appear to work perfectly well.


Macintosh OS X

x86-64 (91K)
for any Mac made after 2012
(and some earlier ones)

x86-32 (84K)
for any Mac made after 2006

for earlier Macs:
PowerPC (92K)

Microsoft Windows

x86-32 (105K)
for any PC

x86-64 (108K)


x86-32 (86K)

x86-64 (83K)
PowerPC (97K)
ARM (93K)


x86-32 (84K)

x86-64 (81K)


x86-32 (84K)

x86-64 (81K)


x86-32 (83K)

x86-64 (80K)

Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

ARM (88K)


More Ports, for running upon other computers, by other people


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