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Mini vMac 36.04 (Stable)

This is the stable branch. Downloads may also be available for alpha, beta, and old branches of Mini vMac.

Download Standard Variations

For emulating a Macintosh Plus, with an English user interface, for various platforms.

Download Macintosh II Variations

The most popular nonstandard variation, using the “-m II” build option.

Download Macintosh 128K Variations

Emulate the original Macintosh, using the “-m 128K” build option.

There are many other possible variations, emulating other Macintosh models, other screen sizes, using other languages for the user interface, and much more. You can compile variations yourself, following instructions in the Building Mini vMac page, using the source:

minivmac-36.04.src.tgz (info)

Or, the Variations Service can compile it for you in seconds:

Mini vMac Variations Service . . . try it out!

I provide versions of Mini vMac compiled for various platforms. There are also ports by other people to additional platforms.


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