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Mini vMac 3.4.1 (Stable)

To get started with Mini vMac, download one of the following compiled applications, and then go to the Getting Started page. (If you have not already seen it, check the about page to learn more about Mini vMac.)

These “standard variations” emulate a Macintosh Plus. More options and details are below.


Macintosh OS X

Intel (42K)
for any Mac made after 2006

for earlier Macs:
PowerPC (48K)

Microsoft Windows

x86-32 (49K)
for any PC

x86-64 (62K)
(not usually useful [1])


x86-32 (45K)

x86-64 (52K)
PowerPC (47K)
ARM (48K)

Macintosh OS 9 and earlier

PowerPC (44K)
680x0 (42K)


x86-32 (41K)

x86-64 (50K)


x86-32 (40K)

x86-64 (49K)


x86-32 (40K)

x86-64 (49K)

Dragonfly BSD

x86-32 (39K)

x86-64 (47K)


x86-32 (45K)

x86-64 (56K)

Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

ARM (46K)


More Ports, for running upon other computers, by other people


[1] Mini vMac compiled for x86-64 is currently slower than Mini vMac compiled for x86-32, for lack of assembly language tweaking. Many operating systems for x86-64 based computers, including Microsoft Windows, can run x86-32 programs fine, or can be set up to do so.

More Options and Details

This page has the standard variations of Mini vMac. There are many other possible variations, emulating other Macintosh models, other screen sizes, using other languages for the user interface, and much more. I can compile such variations for you. See:

Mini vMac Variations Service . . . try it out!

Or, the Source Code (634K) allows you to compile all the variations of Mini vMac yourself. The Building Mini vMac page gives more details.

You can verify files downloaded correctly with the MD5 Checksums (4K).

The page has the stable version of Mini vMac. For the version in Beta, see the Mini vMac Beta page.


If you find Mini vMac useful, please consider helping the Gryphel Project, of which it is a part.

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