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Sent: Wed Feb 13 20:13:47 2019

is possible add a option to increase or setup screen size?

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Screen Size is a compile time option. You can use Variations Service to compile a variation with the desired Screen Size.

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Sent: Tue Feb 12 06:57:36 2019

Hi Paul,

I was trying out fdisasm 1.2.6 on the Mac II ROM using fdmacii 0.2.2, and I noticed some output that doesn't look correct. For example resource MDEF 0 begins with the remark "; !! field doesn't fit" followed by assembly that doesn't make sense. In comparison, the MDEF 0 code disassembled from the Mac Plus ROM using fdplusv3 0.4.3 looks reasonable.

In the Mac II ROM disassembly, there are 134 occurrences of "; !! field doesn't fit" and also some occurrences of garbled (non-ASCII) output. The Mac Plus ROM disassembly has only one "; !! field doesn't fit" and no non-ASCII characters.


Thanks for the report. I have only been able to partially reproduce this. I get only 7 instances of “; !! field doesn't fit”. This turns out to happen in the most recent version of FDisasm if a label is in the middle of an instruction. In the Mac II ROM, some of these happen because there is a table in the ROM being indexed into after subtracting a constant. And currently, it looks, to FDisasm, like the start of table is shifted by that constant. My prefered solution is to create a mechanism to tell FDisasm about that constant, which will make the disassembly more clear than in previous versions.

By there is one case where an operand in the middle of an instruction is being referred to by other instructions. Ugh. I think I would prefer to put the label at the beginning of the instruction and have the referring instruction have a constant as above, so that Reasm won’t need to deal with labels in the middle of an instruction.

One possible explanation why you are seeing more of these warnings is that you are disassembling a different version of the Mac II ROM. The formatting information I provide is for the ROM with the checksum 0x9779D2C4. If your ROM isn’t very similar, it would get out of sync with the formatting information and there would be a lot more instances of this issue. But I’m still not sure how you would get non-ASCII output.

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Sent: Sat Feb 2 05:02:26 2019

no ROM image

Is this project active?

I see an executable without need for gcc. When I run './'Mini vMac' an emulated screen appears but the message above is the content.




produced similar results.

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To get started with Mini vMac, see the Getting started with Mini vMac page.

For the latest project news, see the Latest news section of the website main page.

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Sent: Wed Jan 30 07:21:54 2019

Hello, I noticed that at the top of the latest news page, the newest updates list the year as 2018 rather than 2019.

Thanks! I have made this correction.

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Sent: Wed Jan 30 04:04:40 2019

Hi there! I was looking for the Mac OS 9 (PPC) release of Mini vMac and couldn't find it anywhere.

I don't really expect it to still be supported, but I do remember it existing at one point, having used it a bunch to run older programs on my old G3 iBook.

Sorry, the version of GCC I’m now using, for a set of cross compilers, doesn’t support classic Mac OS. I would like to figure out how support classic Mac OS again eventually.

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Sent: Mon Jan 21 09:44:44 2019

I don't mean to bother, but it just seems that as I try, I don't see that Mini vMac works anymore with disk images... I tried many different ways to get the disk image to load, or "boot", but it does not function,... I have also tried the .dsk "disk1.dsk" option for it to automatically "mount", but it does not seem to respond.

Is there something that has occurred?

Do you mean that you have disk images that can be mounted with old versions of Mini vMac, but not current versions of Mini vMac? Or do you mean that you have a disk image that you can’t mount with any version of Mini vMac? In the latter case, probably the image got corrupted.


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