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Sent: Fri Jan 24 17:30:24 2020

Hi Paul, I dloaded an old piece of Mac software I wanted to revisit from [... abandonware site ...]. The page says if emulating it should run fine on Mini vMac. So, downloaded v36.04, SS 6.0.8, roms of course, and installed, all works well. Dloaded and installed ImportFl-1.2.1 which is a disk image, very lovely. Launched ImportFl. Now, when I drag the Double_Helix.sit file on to it, it provides an option to save (not sure if this means it reads and processes the .sit properly or not) and when I click Save I get a "Disk is full" error. Ahhhh, so close :) Wondering if there is some other route I should be going down. The .sit file is about 1.1 MB. Thanks so much. [... email address ...]

For more emulated disk space, you can get a new blank disk image from the “Blanks” archive. I suggest using the “003M.zip” archive. Unzip it to get “003M.dsk”, and drag this onto the Mini vMac window to mount it. Once you import your “.sit” file into the new blank disk image, you need to expand it, with Stuffit Expander.

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Sent: Thu Dec 12 18:06:31 2019


I'm the person who emailed you ... 9 months ish ago about LocalTalk over UDP. Apologies it's taken me so long to get back to you, life happened in large quantities and I had to work out how to do the paperwork to release the code.

I can now send you some code, if you would still like it. My email address is [... email address ...] [obviously please redact if this is put on the mail archive!], as it's probably easier to send code and stuff via email than a web form :-).

I've documented the protocol here:



Sure, I would be interested in merging in your code. I have sent you an email.

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Sent: Fri Dec 6 16:31:47 2019


I'm trying to build Mini vMac on a MacBook Pro running Catalina. Everything works well except the display is messed up (image hosted here https://ibb.co/2Yhhhpr). This can be fixed by opening the app in low res mode but your pre-built versions don't use this 'hack'. So I was wondering I you could tell me what arguments you typically use for your builds... Here is mine: -t mc64 -lang eng -m Classic

I get the same problem with any model.

Thanks in advance!

Regards, LD

I wonder if it is related to this previous message. If so, signing might help.

I’m thinking of buying a Mac Mini to test recent Mac OS versions. (Or actually, buy a Mac Mini to replace an older computer in use, and then use the older one for testing.)

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Sent: Wed Dec 4 00:23:07 2019

Hi Paul,

There's a bug in the Mini vMac 36.04 disassembly function (build with "-dis 1"), specifically for the BCHG/BCLR/BSET/BTST instructions. The disassembly shown by Mini vMac when running ROM code doesn't match the disassembly of the ROM file itself.

For example, this is the actual code in the Mac II ROM from 12/1987, according to fdisasm:

E87A   082E 0005 0016            BTst.B    #$5, $16(A6)

I see the same when disassembling using MacsBug within Mini vMac, so I think that's correct. But Mini vMac's own disassembly shows the wrong register:

4080E87A  BTST #5, 16(A4)

Another example: the ROM disassembly is:

6C00   0929 0004                 BTst.B    D4, $4(A1)

But what Mini vMac claims it ran is:

40806C00  BTST D4, 4(A4)

Again, wrong address register. As far as I can tell, this fixes it:




Thanks for the bug report and fix. I should figure out how to merge the code for this disassembler in Mini vMac with the code of FDisasm, which by now is fairly well tested, and testable. The disassembler in Mini vMac is not so easily testable.

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Sent: Sun Nov 24 13:41:36 2019

how,s the mac II doing, i,m looking up to a complete mini vMac II, or at least one with the floating point

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