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System Utilities

for Macintosh Plus and Mini vMac

Disk First Aid (link)

Verifies and repairs disks.

Disk Copy (link)

Disk image utility.

Finder Info

For "modifying a document's Finder information (type, creator and Finder flags)." Works in System 6.

Creator Changer

Will "allow you to change what documents belong to what applications, as well as what the document type is." Source code is included.


“For quickly changing types, creators, attribute flags and date stamps.”


For "calculating checksums for a file".


Detects and removes some Macintosh viruses.


"provides very complete information about your computer, peripherals, and system softare."


Benchmarks, including tests of CPU, Disk, Graphics, and Math.


“A Simple CPU Benchmark Set for 68K Macs.”


Assign “Hotkeys” to “up to fifty (50) applications, documents, Apple Menu Items, control panels, FKEYs, monitor depth (colors) or speaker volume settings.”

Odd Jobs

A “collection of powerful file-processing tasks for the Mac.”


Securely erase files and free disk space.


“Secure deletion utility”.


A Desk Accessory for taking screenshots.


Lets "you take a snapshot of any rectangular portion of the Macintosh screen".


A "printer driver that previews and saves printed pages to PICT files or the clipboard."

DarkSide of the Macintosh

An “application based screensaver”.


Screen saver with password, and startup password, and some other features.


“Replace your standard desktop patterns with color or black & white pictures”.


Makes “your Macintosh play sounds when certain system events occur”.

Startup Player

Plays “a sound loop over and over during startup”.

Al's snd INIT

System Extension that plays a sound file whenever you start your computer.


Allows “live window dragging with real-time refresh”.


Can “intercept and filter any menu command” in any application.

Shutdown Delay

Displays “a dialog at Restart and Shutdown time”, to confirm or cancel.


Puts “a bouncing ball in your menu bar.”


It “can make a key combination act just like the mouse button”.


Move the mouse pointer with the keyboard one pixel at a time, while the mouse button is pressed.


An extension to “improve the operation of Zoom boxes.”


An extension that modifies the behavior of menus.

Folder Jumper

Enhance ‘Save As...’ dialog to automatically jump to the desired folder according to file name.


Make the Replace button be the default in the ‘Save As...’ dialog.


Replaces abbreviations with full text as you type.

Text Editor Patches

Add features to text editing in other applications.


Creates “a system-wide hierarchical menu somewhat like the Apple menu.”

Clipboard Master

Manages multiple clipboards.

ScrapIt Pro

A much fancier replacement for the Scrapbook Desk Accessory.


Send to and retrieve from scrap files with user definable hot keys.

Natural Order

System Extension that improves sorting order for items that contain numbers.


“every key you press will be saved to a file”.


“Reminds you to take a break from the computer once in a while”.

Coffee Break Lite

Prevent repetitive stress injuries by “making the user take periodic breaks”.

Desktop Valet

“move, delete, shred or make aliases of files.”


A “utility for finding, testing, renaming, deleting, and repairing all the alias files on your Macintosh.”

Alias Crony

The “ultimate alias manager”.

Alias Assistant

Automatically delete all associated alias files when Trash is emptied.

Save a BNDL

Gets “the Finder to recognize changes in a file's BNDL resource”.

Fix Icons

Fix some problems with the desktop database, without completely rebuilding it.

Where Is My Master

Reveals the creator of a file.


“Reset the creation and modification date of files/folders.”

Clipping Converter

Performs conversion between Text File and Text Clipping, and conversion between Pict File and Pict Clipping.


A “bridge between the cool new Drag Manager and the old Clipboard.”


Create a small application which launches another application and tells it to open the documents currently selected.

Internet Config

Central preferences database for Internet applications.


A utility that “exports Internet Config file mappings into a text file”.

Link GURL Handler

Helper application used with Internet Config to open local files, folders, and applications.


Insert file mappings from Internet Config into PC Exchange.


Makes fonts, sounds, FKEYs, and keyboard layouts in folders you specify available to programs.

Sound Mover

Like Font/DA Mover, but for sound resources.

Font/DA Mover (link)

Lets "you copy fonts and desk accessories", "or remove them".

TrueType™ (link)

Allows "System 6.0.7 and System 6.0.8" to use TrueType fonts.


Converts TrueType fonts between Macintosh and Windows formats.


“View and print installed fonts!”, and find out key combinations.


A Desk Accessory "which makes it easy to see all characters in a font at a glance", and tells you how to type those characters.

PopChar Lite

A global pop up menu displays all characters in the current font from which you can pick one to be typed.


Display/print a list of your fonts, using editable templates.


Display an editable text sample in any font, size, and style.

Keyboard Switcher

Switch active keyboard layout from menu bar in System 6.

FKey Manager

“Install and manage FKEYs. The interface is similar to that of Font/DA Mover.”


“install/copy/rename/remove/get info about an FKEY using drag & drop”.

FKEYRunApp Maker

“create an FKEY that causes an application to start executing”.

Function Key Enabler

Invoke FKEYs using the functions keys, allowing up to 30 more FKEYs.

FKEY Display

“FKEY that displays the FKEYs currently installed.”


“FKEY that zooms the currently active window.”

Heap Size FKEY

“FKEY that displays the amount of heap space taken by the current application.”

David's FKEYs

A collection of simple FKEYs.

Text Capture FKEY

FKEY to capture styled text drawn in window to the clipboard.


Modify “an application’s MultiFinder memory partition size as you launch it”


“complete disk cataloging and labeling system”


“ShowSizes allows you to determine where all the space on your hard disk went”, by displaying “each folder with a bar chart and text displaying the percentage it and its descendants occupy.”


Most of the functions of the Finder in a desk accessory.


Mini finder replacement.

The Tilery

Gives System 7 something like the Dock in OS X or the Taskbar in Windows.

Custom Launcher

A window with buttons, customizable with ResEdit, to launch applications.


A "utility to monitor and manipulate all running processes".


Presents "a number of different types of information including CPU utilization, memory usage and disk space availability."

Thread Manager (link)

A system extension from Apple required by some programs.

Joliet Volume Access

Supports the Joliet extension on volumes in ISO 9660 format.

Disk Rejuvenator

Fixes some kinds of corruption of the “FinderInfo for the root of the disk”.

Alias Dragon

Fix aliases damaged by rebuilding desktop.

Better Edit Keys

Allows “you to use the shift, option and control keys with the arrows, delete, forward delete and clear keys in any standard text editing field”.


“use any key(s) you like to emulate other keys that your computer may not have”.


Dvorak keyboard layout for system 7.

Super Comments

Keep “the Finder Get Info comments from being erased when the desktop is rebuilt”.


Calculates the actual size a set of files will take up on a different disk, such as on a CD-R.


Take “a snapshot of a folder and, at a later date, restore the position of the icons”.

FCB Inspector

Peek “at a Macintosh’s list of open files.”.

Disk Charmer

Erase, Verify, or Duplicate Floppy Disks.


A ramdisk program.


Find, and optionally remove, PowerPC code.


“Remove PowerPC code from a FAT application”.

Folder Icon Cleaner

Correctly “get rid of those space and time wasting custom icons”.


Removes “orphaned” preferences files.

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