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the Gryphel Project

The goal of the Gryphel Project is to help preserve software made for early Macintosh computers, the computers that Apple sold from 1984 to 1996 based upon Motorola’s 680x0 microprocessors.

Mini vMac

The center of this project - a family of free and open source emulators that allow such software to be used on modern computers


The rest of this project - software for the early Macintosh, links to alternatives to Mini vMac, links to related forums, lists of books, and more.

Latest News :

May 28, 2020

On further consideration, I think the new Variations Service (based upon an existing variation) is more useful than how it used to work, but not as good for a beginner, needing a bit more explanation. And making it is easy to start using the Variations Service is a high priority.

So I’ve restore the main Variations Service page to mosly how it worked before (but still leaving the new branch option), labeled it as “intro”, and then replaced the links at the end for advanced/text variation services, to a single link to a new Variations Service Index page. This new page has links to the advanced and text variations, plus a new page for basic variations. All of these pages are in the new style that are based on an existing variation.

May 27, 2020

In further response to this report, I have merged the stable and alpha Variations Services into a single set of pages, which have a pop up menu to choose the branch compiled. This new Variations Service should make it easier to find where to make alpha variations. And also it is easier for me to maintain.

May 23, 2020

In response to this report, I have changed the Alpha Variations Service, Basic and Advanced, to allow and strongly encourage entering the options from an existing configuration (using Control-P), as was previously only possible in the Text Based Variations Service.

I think this provides a more natural way of using the Variations Service. The use case is that as you are using a variation, you realize you would like to change an option, so you copy the variation string with Control-P, paste it into the Variations Service, change the desired option, and the press the “make” button. If you realize you want to change another option, repeat. As opposed to going through all the available options to figure out what you really want all at once.

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